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Innovation is focused on the soul

As a member of China Communications Service Group, China Digital Communication Information Co., Ltd. adheres to the “B-side culture of Shangshan Ruo Shui” and undertakes the parent cultural system of “one line, five products and ten views” at the headquarters, and extends the refinement of Zhongquantong Information Co., Ltd. "Culture as the core subculture system:

Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation is the soul
Business philosophy: efficient development
The Connotation of the Corporate Culture Concept of Zhongdutong Company
The “specialized” culture is the main content of our company with the focus of the spirit as the core, the strategy-oriented, combined with the characteristics of the industry and the company, including the business philosophy, management system and employee behavior norms, and various materialized performances. Corporate culture within.
Enterprises should focus on their employees, concentrate on their work, be professional in their work, and become an expert in personal growth. It provides good ideas, systems and management for the production and production of our company from the four aspects of “focus, concentration, professionalism and expertise”. Behavioral protection:

Focus on the spirit of the culture is the core of the culture, representing the positioning and orientation of our company:
We focus on the mobile Internet field and build core capabilities of the enterprise by mastering the core technologies of mobile internet.
Focus on customer needs, with advanced technology, solid professional knowledge, and meet customer expectations through quality service.
Delivering on promises and creating value for customers.

Concentration and concentration is the cornerstone of the special culture and represents the attitude and principles of our company's work:
We require all employees to have market awareness, business awareness and awareness of improvement, to be practical, to be honest,
Maintain a pragmatic and stable management style, and ensure the reality of the growth of the company and the growth goal of the company.
Through perfect operation mechanism and good project management, the company will continuously improve its core competitiveness and its ability to resist risks.
Win the market with high-quality products and services, and open up a broader space for enterprise development.

Professional professionalism is the spiritual element advocated by the special culture, representing the requirements and goals of our company:
We are dedicated to professional standards, requirements, and quality procedures, and strive for excellence.
By continuously strengthening service innovation, product innovation and management innovation, we insist on providing customers with professional-grade products and services.
Realize the effective supply of enterprises to customers, and create a professional brand.

The spirit of expert experts is the most encouraging spiritual element of the special culture, representing the care and expectations of our company for employees:
We encourage more work and more to share benefits with companies. We provide a broad space for development for our employees.
Through a series of expert training programs and incentive assessment systems,
Guide employees to create outstanding performance for the company to pursue the long-term development of their personal career,
Encourage and help employees become experts in improving customer service, so that employees and businesses can grow together and share development benefits.