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General Manager Si Furong meets with Mark Gibbs, SAP Global Executive Vice President

2017-09-14 09:06:59

Beijing Branch Sun Jiayi

月5日上午,中国通服总经理司芙蓉、副总经理梁世平与SAP 全球执行副总裁Mark Gibbs(纪秉盟)在北京会晤,业务创新处处长赵旭、中数通公司总经理陈晓民及相关人员参加了会晤。 On the morning of September 5th, General Manager of China Unicom, Si Furong, Deputy General Manager Liang Shiping and SAP Global Executive Vice President Mark Gibbs (Ji Bingmeng) met in Beijing, Zhao Xu, Director of Business Innovation Department, Chen Xiaomin, General Manager of Zhongdutong Company and related The personnel attended the meeting.

The two sides reviewed the gratifying achievements in cooperation and development of the domestic public cloud market. Looking forward to the future, the two sides agreed to continue to use China Digitalcom as the main carrier to accelerate the localization speed of the public cloud, and explore the combination of SAP's platform advantages and China's Tongzhi smart series solutions to jointly expand the industry cloud market.

Since the cooperation between the two parties in 2013, SAP's products, Successfactors, Anywhere, Concur, Ariba and other eight public clouds have landed in China. This year, the number of new contracts signed by SAP Data Products from SAP Cloud products has exceeded 100 million yuan.