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Vice President Liang Shiping met with Michael Eberhard, President of Concur Global

2017-09-13 10:51:34

    Cloud Operations Department 2 Chen Ting

月6日上午,中国通服副总经理梁世平与Concur全球总裁MichaelEberhard在北京会晤,Concur副总裁/首席参谋官Christopher Juneau、Concur大中国区总裁侯文泰、中数通公司总经理陈晓民、副总经理罗辑, 总部业务创新处副处长陈路明等相关人员参加了会议。 On the morning of September 6, Liang Shiping, deputy general manager of China Unicom, and Michael Eberhard, president of Concur Global, met in Beijing. Concur Vice President/Chief Staff Officer Christopher Juneau, President of Concur Greater China Hou Wentai, General Manager of China Digital Communication Company Chen Xiaomin, Vice President Manager Luo Ji, deputy director of the Business Innovation Department of the headquarters, Chen Luming and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

是SAP公司旗下差旅管理的SaaS云产品,Concur的产品在中国由中数通公司负责商务运营工作。 Concur is a SaaS cloud product managed by SAP, and Concur's products are handled by China Mobile Communications in China. The main purpose of the talks was to review the previous cooperation between Confucius and Concur, and look forward to further cooperation in the future in China.

Zhonghaotong Company reviewed the cooperation with Concur in business operation, consulting implementation and market expansion since last year, and put forward some requirements and suggestions for the future development of Concur in the Chinese market. Mr. Liang expressed his warm welcome to Concur's high-level visit to China Unicom, expressing his willingness to use Confu products to expand Concur products in the Chinese market. Michael Eberhard said that he will focus on the needs of users in China and agrees that China Digitalcom, as a developer of Chineseization, promises to further increase business transparency for China Mobile.