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Zhongdatong's project management system successfully entered the market

Successfully won the bid for Guangdong Daguangming Group Information Platform Project Management System Construction Project

2018-04-04 14:32:08

Mobile Sales Department / General Service IT Support Center Chen Sili Yang Xueli

年3月,经与多家实力雄厚的单位激烈比拼竞争,中数通公司凭借良好的信誉、行业经验、成熟先进的平台开发实力以及合理的报价,一举打败众多实力竞标单位,赢得了招标单位的肯定,成功中标“广东大光明集团有限公司信息化平台项目管理系统建设项目”。 In March 2018 , after fierce competition with a number of powerful units, Zhongdiantong Company won the bidding by defeating many competitive bidders with good reputation, industry experience, mature and advanced platform development strength and reasonable quotation. The unit affirmed and successfully won the bid for “Guangdong Daguangming Group Co., Ltd. Information Platform Project Management System Construction Project”.

Guangdong Daguangming Group Co., Ltd., affiliated to Xinhui City Daguangming Electric Industry Corporation, is a state-owned enterprise with joint-stock cooperative system of electric power construction, electrician product production and sales, investment cooperation and industrial real estate. The successful bidding project is mainly aimed at the Daguangming Group Jian'an subsidiary to achieve the electronic project management system for the operation of such enterprises, to improve operational efficiency and reduce production costs, and to achieve NC financial system, file system and portal system. The integration of various information system software such as performance system, material system and design management system to provide accurate data source for management decision-making is a key step in the construction of Daguangming Group project management system.

This project is one of the key projects of China Digital Communication Co., Ltd. This successful bidding has enabled our project management system to open the door to the customer market. It is an important achievement for the company to actively expand its customer-focused business, and further enhance the company's ability to collect customers. Competitiveness effectively promotes the sustainable development of this business in the future.