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Smart weather, cross-border empowerment

Deputy General Manager Liang Shiping of China Communications Service visited the Provincial Meteorological Bureau

2018-04-04 14:36:00

Group Customer Service Department Shi Rongfang Liu Huizhao Feng Rongting

年3月21日,中国通服梁世平副总经理、赵旭处长、杨军副处长一行,在广东通服陈进贵副总经理、中数通公司陈晓民总经理、罗辑副总经理、集团客户服务部施荣芳经理等陪同下,前往广东省突发事件预警信息发布中心进行调研交流。 On March 21, 2018 , Deputy General Manager Liang Shiping, Deputy Director of China, and Deputy Director Yang Jun and his party, Mr. Chen Jingui, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Tongfu, Chen Xiaomin, General Manager of Zhongdutong Company, and Deputy General Manager of Luo Ji, Accompanied by the manager of the Group's customer service department, Mr. Shi Rongfang, they went to the Guangdong Emergency Alert Information Release Center for research and exchange.

Figure 1. Deputy General Manager Liang Shiping and his team investigated the Guangdong Provincial Emergency Warning Information Release Center

The survey was hosted by Director Zhang Yi of the Guangdong Emergency Alert Information Release Center. Deputy Director Guan Xiaowen and Gu Hongbing’s technical chief accompanied the disaster warning command hall. During the period, the meteorological professional broadcaster explained the Guangdong Province emergency warning information release management platform, the targeted early warning information officer release platform, the meteorological service full media integration service platform, and the bad weather linkage decision warning. System, visual operation and maintenance monitoring platform.

Figure 2. Director Zhang Yi of the Provincial Emergency Warning Information Release Center introduces the smart weather service

Figure 3. Introduction to the Wisdom Weather Service Project undertaken by China Mobile

At the subsequent symposium, Director Zhang Yi of the Early Warning Center introduced the current personnel and business situation of the early warning center, and proposed the idea of intelligent weather, especially for the extension of the capacity based on meteorological big data and the service industry.

Liang Shiping, deputy general manager, proposed that in order to undertake the “National Big Data Strategy”, Zhongtong Service will start the collection of 2.0, and the new four of the era will be the operators of smart services, big data application service providers, smart products and platform providers, new A generation of information infrastructure builders. He expounded the five core advantages of China Unicom in smart service: First, central enterprises, listed companies, highly market-oriented, professional; Second, with consulting, planning, design, construction, supervision, maintenance, software development integration package implementation capabilities Third, localized operational service capabilities; Fourth, high R & D investment, product leadership, there are successful cases; Fifth, with top-level qualifications in the security / security field to ensure information security.

Figure 4. Discussing future cooperation prospects of smart weather services with customers

Unlimited creativity stimulates infinite possibilities. Finally, we have extensive cooperation on meteorological + transportation, weather + tourism, meteorology + environmental protection, meteorology + electricity, meteorology + artificial intelligence, meteorology + car network unmanned driving, meteorological + blockchain and other fields. Explore.

Finally, Director Zhang Yi and Deputy General Manager Liang Shiping reached a consensus on the in-depth cooperation between the two sides in terms of human resources sharing and industrial empowerment. The follow-up will use the meteorological professional data to avoid disadvantages and realize the construction of high value-added industrial application products while safeguarding people's livelihood, providing new kinetic energy and new contributions for the “Digital China” strategy.