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SuccessFactors Enterprise WeChat Value-added Products Wins Platinum Award from SAP Partner Innovation Beacon Program

2018-06-14 10:23:57

Cloud Operation, Yang Mengyao

年5月16日,公司云运营一部自主研发的“SuccessFactors企业微信增值产品”荣获SAP合作伙伴创新灯塔计划最高级荣誉—白金奖! On May 16, 2018 , the company's cloud-operated "SuccessFactors Enterprise WeChat Value-added Products" won the highest honor of the SAP Partner Innovation Lighthouse Project - Platinum Award!

All along, Cloud Operations has been continuously researching and deepening in the process of customer service with SuccessFactors, collecting customer value-added requirements, and finally launched in March this year, the department independently invested in research and development, based on SuccessFactors products and enterprise WeChat solutions, and enrolled in the campaign. SAP Innovative Lighthouse Project, strive to explore more customer opportunities for products, after a series of campaigns, sea elections, preliminary competitions, rematch DEMO, finally on May 16, He Zhuni led the project members and solutions to the SAP partner innovation The lighthouse plans the stage of the Shanghai finals, giving lectures and system demonstrations to the CEOs of hundreds of companies. In the end, they will stand out in the 12 finals competition solutions and win the Platinum Award of “Cloud Innovation Star”. At the same time, the products It will also be unveiled at the SAP Show Room.

(The picture shows the winning photos)

(The picture shows the awards photo)

企业微信集成方案通过建立数据服务中心,实现移动考勤、员工中心、目标绩效、培训学习等移动化人资管理,同时SuccessFactors与企业微信的数据实时共享,在人资管理领域创造新起点,全面提升企业在人资管理上的良好体验感及便利性,减少人资流程支持工作量高达50%以上! SuccessFactors Enterprise WeChat integration solution realizes mobile attendance management such as mobile attendance, employee center, target performance, training and learning through the establishment of data service center. At the same time, SuccessFactors and enterprise WeChat data are shared in real time, creating a new starting point in the field of human resources management. Improve the company's good experience and convenience in human resources management, reduce the human resources process support workload of up to 50%! Once the product was launched, it was also well received by the SuccessFactors implementation customers and expressed its intention to order this product. The department will also promote the product comprehensively, benefit more enterprises, and realize the healthy development of new innovations more quickly!

The recognition and encouragement of the awards reminds us that innovation is the driving force for continuous improvement and development. Next, the company will continue to explore and research new starting points for innovation of cloud products, and create more powerful product value-added services innovation research and development capabilities!