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——Record the work of the China National Digital Information Co., Ltd. 2018

2018-06-14 10:23:30

Text / Chen Yu, Li Shuang, Jiang Yuhua Tu / Chen Yu

年中国国际大数据产业博览会(以下简称数博会)于5月26日至29日在贵州贵阳举办。 In 2018 , China International Big Data Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the number of fairs) was held in Guiyang, Guizhou from May 26th to 29th. The Expo is the world's first big data theme fair and also a national national expo. China Unicom Group participated in this number of fairs to showcase the overall situation of China Unicom, new blueprints for the customer market, smart products, big data products and applications, and respond to the national big data strategy to help build digital China.

The company has been committed to "becoming a first-class domestic cloud service provider", actively responding to the main channel of China Unicom "Digital China", successfully building a smart enterprise product center, and actively organizing and coordinating the work related to the number of fairs. The company assigned two colleagues from the cloud operation department, Chen Hao and Li Shuang, to participate in the uniform organization's commentator training and on-site commentary work, and to create various types of publicity and display materials such as cloud service smart enterprise product videos, PPT and brochures. The company has a number of first-class smart enterprise SaaS products including talent management solutions, enterprise resource management, omni-channel marketing management, cloud procurement solutions, travel expense management, business intelligence analysis and digital innovation platform, showing “all-round” to the guests. , an integrated cloud solution."

Photo: China Digital Communication Company Smart Enterprise Pavilion

This time the fair was led by Chen Xiaomin, the general manager of the company. Relevant departments organized important group customers to visit the China Unicom booth and participate in the China Unicom Smart Social Product Activities and Forum activities. This number of Expos vividly demonstrated the company's core competencies. The customer expressed strong ability to provide customers with "first-class SaaS products, including first-class consulting, software development, integration, implementation and other integration and localization services". Interest and request further arrangements for thematic exchanges. The participation of this fair has achieved the goal of company image building, product promotion, brand promotion and customer marketing.

Photo: Chen Xiaomin, the general manager of Zhongdutong Company (first from left), took a group photo with the guests

During this number of sessions, the company's smart enterprise product center received more than a thousand people. In the context of the increasing demand for digital transformation of enterprises, many customers have expressed strong interest in smart enterprise products and put forward ideas for in-depth understanding. Customers have implemented functions such as digital management of enterprise human resources, ERP management and business analysis. Various types of questions were raised. In response to different issues, the company has proposed a fusion product package that is now mature and mature – including easy-to-pay based on SAP Success Factors integration, supply chain finance based on SAP Ariba integration, and Tmall poly stone tower based on SAP Hybris integration. Provided a comprehensive solution for the problems encountered in the transformation of enterprise management, and introduced successful cases of providing products and services to the world's top 500 and benchmarking customers in various industries. The response was enthusiastic and more than 1,000 brochures were distributed.

As an important participant in this fair, the company has left a deep impression on the exhibition layout, product explanation, and popularity of the site. We will do our best to develop together with Tongfu.

Figure: Situation of the exhibition area