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Providing a single window and one-stop service with citizens and enterprises as the center. Committed to improving government administrative examination and approval informationization, standardization of administrative services, standardization of administrative examination and approval information, convenience of administrative services, coordination of examination and approval business, and approval of information sharing, and improving the efficiency and convenience of public users, thus improving the level of government public service. Reduce the effect of social costs.

Integrated Office (Government Edition):

Taking the security and performance monitoring of the “Government OA” products of Zhongquantong as the auxiliary tool for government affairs, the “people looking for things” in the past is the current “things to find people”, and the whole process of information management and control of government office affairs is carried out. Assist the unit leaders and relevant department staff to achieve efficient circulation and effectiveness supervision of the government office, while ensuring the security of the overall government information. .

Disaster warning:

Create a national-provincial-city-county four-level linkage early warning information release system, and realize early warning information through emergency meteorological channels, microblogs, mobile phone text messages, dedicated terminals, websites, hotspot phones, marine weather radio stations, electronic screens, and rural big speakers. release.

Wisdom Village:

Provide residents with colorful information, fast shopping, philatelic products, fast payment, co-organizers, farming guidance, etc. Diversified, humanized and simplified

Investment approval:

The four phases of the engineering construction project and the three types of land acquisition methods (projects that acquire land by means of allocation, projects that have been confirmed by land, and projects that acquire land by way of transfer) are implemented in parallel.

Administrative approval:

Including business pre-audit, business acceptance, business processing, business entrustment, task reminder, charge management, approval filing, comprehensive inquiry, statistical analysis, automatic processing, handling management, reminder supervision, collaborative approval.

Complaints and complaints:

My homepage, petition handling, supervision, return visit, interview, notice announcement, statistical inquiry, my to-do, my own, satisfaction survey: to achieve telephone return visit survey, provide mobile phone text message survey, petition system online survey.

健康热线: 12320 Health Hotline:

The platform includes the 12320 Health Information Publishing Portal (including micro-portals), mobile clients, health consulting systems, and public opinion monitoring systems. The public can conveniently browse, inquire and consult health-related information; the staff can collect and publish the relevant information about the health care plan and realize the network information report.