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Business platform development

Big data service:

Based on data analysis of operators, government, medical, financial and other industries, we are committed to the research of big data applications such as precision marketing, risk prevention and control, decision-making, etc., providing customers with “platform development + data processing services / data mining services / performance analysis services Data intelligent channels such as /Operation Support Services, precise operational support and big data realisation services.

Content security:

Provide telecommunications operators with content security services such as SMS governance, MMS governance, Internet service governance, content auditing, and harassing calls.

Smart Campus:

Provide four core capabilities and network building capabilities to help operators expand the campus market. At the same time, it can help colleges and universities to realize various forms of operation management such as “independent numbering, independent operation, and unified platform”.

And life (12580 custom development) :

The 12580 platform developed by China Mobile for Guangdong Mobile is a commercial call center corresponding to the 10086 Customer Service Center, providing cost-effective value-added services. Including: information inquiry service, convenient business service, existing mobile secretarial service, information customization of comprehensive information, telephone service and marketing channel of business and Monternet business, etc., adjust platform structure according to business orientation, and develop long value chain business Provide platform foundation and management capabilities.

中数通根据中国电信移动互联网短信/彩信发展的需求,为电信自营业务平台以及合作伙伴提供短信/彩信接入和管理能力,支撑中国电信集团公司完成了自写消息平台建设。 Self-written SMS platform: According to the needs of China Telecom's mobile Internet SMS/MMS development, China Mobile provides SMS/MMS access and management capabilities for telecom self-operated business platforms and partners, and supports China Telecom Group Corporation to complete the self-written message platform. Construction. Achieve unified messaging and business processing capabilities.