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Management information

Zhongdatong focuses on the management field and collaborative areas of enterprises. Enterprise customers provide information support services for 3 platforms and 6 applications to meet the diversified needs of enterprise customers, help enterprises achieve internal organization and personnel coordination, and promote internal and external. Effective combination of resources, establish an enterprise-level communication and communication platform, management and collaboration platform, and enterprise knowledge center, so as to achieve efficient communication, improve work efficiency, and condense professional knowledge.

门户: OA/ Portal:

To provide customers with a comprehensive solution of office applications and mobile communication applications, to achieve an effective combination of office, voice, instant messaging, data and other communication methods, so as to achieve timely and efficient communication and office. Mainly have the following products:

以综合办公平台为基础中心,在实现办公自动化的基础上,建立全方位的企业管理统一平台门户,实现企业数据展示、生产经营管理、数据分析等综合展示和移动化。 Integrated Office (Enterprise Edition): Based on the integrated office platform, on the basis of realizing office automation, establish a comprehensive enterprise management unified platform portal to realize comprehensive display and mobileization of enterprise data display, production management, data analysis, etc. .

SPOA : Designed by China Mobile to be a telecom operator, with the operator's value-added service partner service as the core, aiming at “improving market response speed, shortening product access cycle, accelerating product release and operation, and improving user satisfaction” One-stop integrated service management solution.

:中数通开发的门户类业务,通过逐步推进整合企业应用、企业信息、企业流程、企业协同的关键资源,为企业员工提供一站式的访问服务,实现统一协同工作平台。 Portal : The portal business developed by China Data Communication provides a one-stop access service for enterprise employees by gradually promoting the integration of key applications of enterprise applications, enterprise information, enterprise processes and enterprise collaboration to achieve a unified collaborative work platform.

:移动办公可以让办公人员摆脱时间和空间的束缚,可保证工作人员在出差、外出及无计算机状态下能够实现及时、有效的移动化办公,提高管理效率。 Mobile office : Mobile office can free office workers from the constraints of time and space, and ensure that staff can realize timely and effective mobile office and improve management efficiency when traveling, going out and without computer. Especially for government agencies, enterprises and institutions that have strong requirements for real-time information and strong mobility, mobile information applications are the investment direction for enterprises to reduce costs, expand sales, promote communication, improve services, improve management, and improve efficiency.


Management support application:

Provide comprehensive solutions for enterprises of all sizes and sizes, including project management, contract management, asset management, etc.

:以项目经理责任制为核心的项目运作管理体系,建立统一的项目管理模式,包括:管理制度、组织架构、工作流程、考核标准、激励机制,优化企业内部资源市场化配置, 实现从商机导入(Lead)到(To)收到现金(Cash)的“L2C”闭环管理 ,提高项目成本精确化管控能力,防范项目风险,提升项目交付质量和交付能力。 Project management : The project operation management system with the project manager responsibility system as the core, establish a unified project management model, including: management system, organizational structure, work flow, assessment criteria, incentive mechanism, optimize the internal market resource allocation of the enterprise, and realize Business opportunity introduction (Lead) to (To) receive cash (Cash) "L2C" closed-loop management , improve project cost accuracy management and control capabilities, prevent project risks, improve project delivery quality and delivery capabilities.

:基于自主研发的中数通JAVA基础平台,采用业界成熟的组件技术,为大中型集团级企业提供合同审批、合同执行、合同统计分析等电子化管理功能,具备集中部署、分级应用的架构优势。 Contract management : Based on the self-developed medium-numbered JAVA basic platform, the company uses mature component technology to provide electronic management functions such as contract approval, contract execution and contract statistical analysis for large and medium-sized group-level enterprises. It has centralized deployment and hierarchical application. Architectural advantages.

:通过对资产规划、物资采购、设备运营、设备退役报废全生命周期管理,实现帐卡物信息统一、闲置物资有效利用及资产运营价值有效分析。 Asset management : Through the life cycle management of asset planning, material procurement, equipment operation, equipment decommissioning and retirement, the unified accounting information, the effective use of idle materials and the effective analysis of asset operation value are realized. Ensure the stability of resource use, improve the efficiency of resource use, extend the life of resources, and reduce the cost of resources.  

Collaborative platform:

Zhongquantong provides various collaborative office work platforms for enterprises. For example, an innovative collaborative office work platform, a knowledge management platform, and a marketing collection platform focused on mobile Internet marketing deployed in the form of saas.