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Construction and maintenance of IP MAN

Through the adjustment of the backbone network routing, the optimization of the metropolitan area network access service, and the management of the area of the device, it helps the rapid development of mobile full services. By optimizing the network structure of the metropolitan area network, OLT, and WLAN network management, network security and scalability are improved. Through ICT system integration, the breadth and depth of business coverage are improved, and the user's business perception is improved in all directions.

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?    城域网集成 IP MAN integration

?    城域网网优 IP MAN Optimal

?    系统集成 ICT system integration

?    Network Maintenance

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(1) The project team has 12 years of project experience in operating mall domain network integration.

(2) The project team has 14 CCIEs, and the technical force is stable.

(3) The service quality is high, with safety and zero accidents as the working criteria.

(4) Specializing in IP metropolitan area network integration and GPON network integration, providing overall system integration and network optimization of metropolitan area networks and broadband networks