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Enterprise integration service

Smart store solution

It provides one-stop solution for enterprise VPN application such as traffic monitoring, VC video and magic mirror for chain stores, and innovatively combines mobile internet technology, enterprise wifi construction, full-service customer service station and public account operation service to realize corporate brand display. , interactive powder marketing, commercial transactions and services.

Enterprise VPN networking

Provide one-stop service, including network design, line rental and equipment installation and debugging. Including IPSEC VPN networking, SSL VPN networking, and carrier MPLS VPN networking. There is already a successful experience in networking of more than 2,000 stores in a large jewelry enterprise nationwide.

Intelligent WIFI

Provide one-stop acceptance of WIFI platform, equipment, installation and maintenance services; complete marketing interaction through docking with user marketing system and CRM system; increase customer stickiness and enhance marketing effect.

Solution: Install WiFi in-network node to improve user experience; realize free WiFi authentication access in each branch; membership system, collect user information; push relevant advertisements and offers and other information.

Traffic management

Solution: Install passenger flow probes, wiring, and debugging at the entrance and exit of the store; collect and pre-process customer traffic data in the background system; connect with the internal BI system of the enterprise to provide a reliable source of analytical data.

Achieving the effect: statistical sales of customer outlets, according to time period, by region, store comparison, combined with sales data to obtain more detailed business strategy guidelines; statistics of customer-specific traffic in specific areas, analysis of the rationality of goods placement; statistical analysis of customers in Store time to get accurate user behavior analysis.

Project features: Provide one-stop solution, including equipment rental/sales, engineering implementation, integration, software development; use the store's basic network to return the collected traffic data for unified analysis.

Mirror wear


l    Somatosensory induction: Kinect somatosensory sensing control;

l    No one tried it: automatic looping of the promo;

l    Try-on mode: Sensing the customer close to entering the try-on mode.

Achieve the effect: try to take a photo, the customer scans the QR code to download photos, scans the jewelry QR code to buy directly, and improves the purchase fun and interaction.

Project features: Tianzhu flagship store pilot, project-based development and delivery.