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E-commerce service

To build a network sales platform for traditional brand enterprises and telecom operators, and expand network marketing channels to help enterprises accelerate business transformation and upgrading, improve sales performance, and enhance corporate brand value.

E-commerce cloud platform:

Based on cloud technology, the United Financial Services Agency has introduced a financial platform for e-commerce services with financial characteristics. Providing services for enterprise e-commerce application system development and leasing services such as independent B2C malls based on cloud computing technology to traditional enterprises, providing independent e-commerce website generation operations, marketing promotion, technical services, network channel distribution expansion and other services; Traditional enterprises provide financial services such as financing and credit.

Channel e-commerce operations:

Provide a full range of services for sales, customer service, decoration, through train, marketing planning, etc. of telecom operators' stores (Taobao Market Store or Tmall Store) to effectively improve store traffic, conversion rate, customer unit price and platform competition. The purpose of force, thus driving the growth of telecom business income. Since 2012, China Mobile has been the No. 1 flagship store of the Tmall flagship store operated by Guangdong Telecom for the first time in the flagship store category of operators. At present, the main customers of the China Mobile Power Group are mainly operators, including Guangdong Telecom, Shanghai Telecom, Hubei Telecom, and Liaoning Telecom.

Community O2O:

The omni-channel access online service platform covering PC, television (IPTV), and mobile terminals provides diverse community services such as communication, fresh, and virtual services (medical, housekeeping). Combine with the offline marketing team to provide publicity and promotion services for community services.

Net support:

The network hall supports three indicators of traffic, conversion rate and customer unit price, and enhances the sales volume of Tianyi Store, Broadband Zone and Value-added Product Zone.

Micro Mall (operator O2O cross-border marketing platform):

The extension of the operator's office platform attracts telecom government and enterprise customer resources, extends telecom sales tentacles, and creates a telecom O2O cross-border marketing platform.

Campus Network Hall:

Create a campus-specific marketing system to achieve campus O2O marketing and increase the proportion of campus users.

Vertical industry supply chain management platform:

Based on the Internet transformation of the key links of production, supply and marketing in the traditional manufacturing industry, the manufacturing management system will be further connected to realize the intelligent manufacturing of enterprises and realize the upgrading and rebuilding of the industrial chain.