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Overview of SAP cooperation

On November 20, 2013, at the China SAPPHIRE conference held in Beijing, Yang Jie, General Manager of China Telecom Group, Li Ping, Chairman of China Communications Services, and member of SAP Global Management Committee and President of Global Business Bo jointly announced that they have formally launched cooperation in the field of cloud computing. Through the joint venture between SAP and China Communications Services-China Datacom Information Co., Ltd., the two parties have jointly promoted the deployment and application of SAP cloud products in enterprises of different sizes in China. China Communications Services will be the first customer to adopt these advanced cloud service products first.

Yang Jie, General Manager of China Telecom Group, Li Ping, Chairman of China Communications Services, and member of SAP Global Management Committee and President of Global Business Anribo announced cooperation in the field of cloud computing

"China Communications Services is very pleased to play a unique role in the value chain, aggregate the top cloud infrastructure, cloud product technology, cloud service skills and customer base of all parties to provide advanced cloud services for the majority of government and corporate customers." — —Li Ping, Chairman of China Communications Services

On November 20, 2013, Zheng Qibao, the general manager of China Communications Services, Chen Hong, the chairman of China Datacom, He Jianming, deputy general manager of Shanghai Telecom, and Ji Bingmeng, president of SAP Greater China, officially signed a contract on behalf of the partners.

In December 2013, the SF operation center, which fully operates SuccessFactors (the world's leading enterprise strategy execution talent management solution), was established in China Datacom, and began to provide Chinese users with world-class corporate target management, performance evaluation, salary incentives, and personnel management. Wait for HR cloud services.

In January 2015, the SAP Anywhere China Operations Center jointly operated by China Telecom, SAP and China Datacom was established. In October 2015, SAP Anywhere was officially launched to the market. This is the first front-end information management system suite launched by SAP for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). SAP Anywhere is committed to satisfying enterprises in mobile, cloud computing, and e-commerce. Level of multi-channel operation needs.

Rodolpho Cardenuto (left), President of SAP Global Partner Operations, and Chen Zhongyue, Deputy General Manager of China Telecom Group, unveiled SAP Anywhere

年7月,C4C(SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer)落地中国,在中数通实现运营。 In July 2016, C4C (SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer) landed in China and realized operations in China Datacom. C4C redefines how customers interact by providing rich predictive insights, perfect execution, and context-based customer experiences, seamlessly integrating customer relationship management such as marketing, sales, commerce, customer service, and social media. With the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer solution, you can conduct highly relevant and personalized interactions with customers through various channels, thereby increasing productivity, winning more customers, and increasing customer satisfaction.

In August 2016, SAP BusinessBydesign was launched in China Datacom and was officially put into operation. BusinessBydesign is an ERP cloud solution for medium-sized enterprises and enterprise branches. It integrates CRM (customer relationship management), SCM (supply chain management), SRM (supplier management), Finance (finance), and HCM (human resource management). The core module is very suitable for medium and large enterprises and branches of large enterprises. This complete and fully integrated SaaS suite can help companies manage the business of various departments such as finance, human resources, sales, procurement, customer service, and supply chain, supporting multiple business scenarios, by maximizing IT and optimizing business process integration. Realize on-demand and on-demand.

On December 1, 2016, at the large-scale Concur summit held in Beijing, Concur announced that it would work with China Datacom to jointly launch and operate concur products in China. This cooperation marks the official launch of Concur's development plan in China. As an industry-leading supplier of global travel and expense management solutions under SAP, and the only supplier in the Chinese market that can provide travel and expense management services to multinational companies, Concur will work with China Datacom to bring efficient, A transparent overall solution for travel and expense management helps Chinese companies effectively manage the cost of travel expenses and create a perfect business travel experience.

Concur China Development Plan Launching Ceremony: Liang Shiping (second from left), deputy general manager of China Communications Services Co., Ltd., Chen Xiaomin (first from left), general manager of China Data Communication Information Co., Ltd., Mike Eberhard (third from left), President of Concur, Greater China General Manager Hou Wentai (first from right) jointly launched the ceremony button

In December 2016, China Data Communication and SAP further deepened cooperation, and Ariba officially landed in China Data Communication. As a cloud-based procurement management solution for purchasers and suppliers, Ariba is also the world's largest integrated supply chain business platform. It aims to use the Internet to reduce and improve the procurement process and assist companies to analyze, understand and manage corporate expenditures in order to achieve The purpose of saving costs and improving the efficiency of business processes. At the same time, Ariba helps enterprises to establish a seamless bridge of business “communication”, thereby leading the Chinese business transaction market into a new era.

In March 2017, the IBP (Integrated Business Plan) solution was launched. In August of the same year, the Analytics Cloud was launched.

In today's wave of cloud computing, China Datacom and SAP will continue to launch more cloud services in China. 一流的国内云服务提供商。 Under the strategic guidance of China Telecom and China Unicom, the company will make full use of SAP's huge advantages in cloud computing technology and the huge customer channel resources of China Telecom and China Unicom to achieve the company's strategic positioning and vision and become a first-class domestic Cloud service provider.

Products of China Datacom and SAP: